Regular Members

Northwest Armizare Offers two regular membership levels. Unlimited Membership, or Weekly Participation.

  • Weekly Membership
    • Weekly Members may attend one class per week at a cost of $25 per month. The class does not have to be the same one every week. This membership level is for those whose schedules or such prevent them from training as much as they might wish.
  • Unlimited Membership
    • Unlimited members may attend as many or as few classes per week as they wish at a cost of $50 per month.

To enroll as a NW Armizare member please visit our Rhinofit storefront:

Because NW Armizare is a HEMA Alliance affiliated club and we get our insurance through the Alliance, all members need to ALSO be HEMA Alliance members. Please make sure that your HEMA Allaince membership is current or update it by visiting:

Trial Membership

<a href="">Free Trial PNG Image</a>

In order to let people try out our group, or even just see if Historical Fencing is right for them, NW Armizare offers a Free trial membership. We’ll cover your first month of classes completely so you can see if this is you new thing. Just head over to and choose the “Single Payment” Trial membership at $0.00. Fill out your waivers, then contact us to let us know when you expect to attend for the first time and arrive wearing comfortable workout clothing and with a clean pair of work gloves to wear. We’ve got masks and loaner weapons, etc. Last but not least sign up with the HEMA alliance for a free trial membership

Covid Policy

Because we believe that if you’re not willing to take a vaccine to keep those around you safe then you don’t belong swinging a bar of steel at someone’s head, NW Armizare requires all members to either be vaccinated or show proof of MEDICAL inability to do so. In addition, the club follows or exceeds Oregon Health Authority guidelines for Covid 19 safety at all times.