Head Instructor: Mike Cherba

Mike dreamed of learning sword fighting since he was a little kid.  He pursued traditional Eastern Martial Arts and sport fencing at first before discovering historical fencing treatises and the historical fencing community in the late 1990s while studying Computer Engineering at University of Michigan.  After a few years of solo study and conferences Mike moved to Eugene Oregon where he studied the Armizare of Fiore de Liberi and Classical fencing with Maestro Sean Hayes.  It was while in Eugene that Mike first ran across Elashvili’s text Parikaoba on Khevsur sword and Buckler and became entrancedOne thing led to another, beginning with Mike painfully translating Elashvili’s text to English.  In 2014 when he moved to Portland, Mike wanted to keep practicing his arts and needed people to train with.  Since there was nobody in the Area practicing armizare, let alone Georgian sword and buckler, Mike started the group Northwest Armizare in 2014 to make some practice partners. Since then NW Armizare members have demonstrated or taught both Armizare, Georgian Sword and Buckler, and Armored combat at several events throughout the Pacific Northwest and online.

Mike’s current focus at NW Armizare is sword and buckler/shield with heavy emphasis on the Georgian Style, but also Bolognese.

Instructor: Richard Tillman

Instructor: Andy Plymate

Andy was fascinated by the world of DnD in his youth. Dragons and knights or swords and shields are fantasies some kids have. It never occurred to him that Medieval European Martial Arts was a real thing that people were doing in the world. Recreating and learning the combat style the knights of the famed round table would have used. In 2018 he came across an advertisement showcasing the International Medieval Combat Federation world championships which were being held in Scotland. There hundreds of competitors donned full plate armor and battled in 1v1, 5v5, and up to 16v16 competitions and he was hooked. Upon returning, he found NW Armizare and has been practicing and learning ever since. There is a vast array of specialties in HEMA and Andy settled into learning primarily the longsword.

Andy’s current focus at NW Armizare is Armizare specifically the use of the Longsword, supplemented with dagger and grappling.