Equipment Links

Equipment links

These are some makers of equipment that we use or have used.

  • Darkwood Armory
    • Excellent training rapiers, daggers and protective gear. We use their fencing masks for our everyday training protection.
  • Arms and Armor
    • Makers of excellent training blades.
  • Albion Swords
    • Another maker of beautiful and durable training blades
  • Purpleheart Armoury
    • Makers of wooden training swords known as wasters. We use their wasters as our daily practice weapons for those who do not own their own steel blades. ¬†Also a retailer for SPES protective gear in the us.
  • Historical Fencing Gear
    • Retailers of the SPES line of HEMA protective gear in the US
  • Castille Armory
    • Makers of blunt swords and feders of all kinds. ¬†Based here in Oregon!