Equipment used: Training at Northwest Armizare uses a combination of blunted steel longswords and wooden training swords or wasters. We also use protective fencing masks to protect against accidents when training with a partner. While many different styles of steel longswords are used and are acceptable (Darkwood Armories, Cas Hanwei, Arms and Armor and Albion Swords all make appropriate trainers) we have standardized our wasters around a single model from Purpleheart Armoury. These provide a good basic trainer of the appropriate length, weight, and balance at a minimal cost. If you are interested in moving up to a steel sword, please see Mike for a current recommendation based on your physical style and preferences.


Loaner equipment: Loaner equipment is available for students without their own gear. However, students are encouraged to obtain their own practice gear once they have completed a basic introductory sequence and have decided to continue their studies with the group.


Clothing: Please wear comfortable loose fitting dark pants (black sweatpants or Martial arts pants are ideal) and a white or light color t-shirt or sweatshirt as appropriate for the weather.