About Armizare

Armizare is a martial art that was developed in 15th century Italy by one Maestro Fiore Dei Liberi who was a late 14th century knight, mercenary, diplomat, and fencing master. Near the end of his career Maestro Liberi wrote a book on his art which he called "Fior di Battaglia" or "The Flower of Battle". Modern scholars and martial artists know of four extant copies of this work, each slightly different, and two further copies of the manuscript whose locations have been lost to us. This remarkable early martial arts text contains the core principles of Fiore's system of unified martial art which encompasses wrestling, dagger play, swordplay, spear, poleaxe, and mounted combat.

Fior Di Battaglia is one of the earliest known treatises on martial arts surviving today. Only Manuscript I.33 from the Tower Armouries in the UK and HS3227a are older. The contents of this manual in its surviving copies make up the core of our martial art, and we strive to adhere to the principles set down by Maestro Fiore in our study and practice.

If you would like to learn more about Armizare and Maestro Dei Liberi, please check out the the Wiktenauer site. (Wiktenauer is a wiki dedicated to old fencing manuscripts and information about historical fencing masters.)


The image above is the Segno page from the Getty copy of Fiore's book. Il Fior de Battaglia (the Flower of battle). This is a typical page from the manuscript with both text and images to link the text to. The animals surrounding the figure represent attributes that the fighter must possess to be successful. These animals and their characteristics are used in a manner consistant with the heraldry of the era.