NW Armizare is a Portland Area group dedicated to the study of Historical Martial Arts. Originally founded in 2014 with a focus on the 15th Century Italian martial art of Armizare, the group has expanded and now hosts regular classes on Baskethilt/Sabre, Georgian Lashkroba, Bolognese sword and offhand, and general armored fighting.

We do not train in Theatrical Swordplay or Bohurt/ACL/Battle of Nations techniques. Instead we focus, in or out of armor, on historical techniques in context. Students will approach the arts through solo and partner drill, grappling, free fencing with replica weapons designed to be blunt versions of period originals, test cutting, and study of the period sources. Emphasis at all times is on the maxim “DON’T GET HIT!” both from the standpoint of modern safety and reproducing period technique. NW Armizare works with scholars of Historical Martial Arts, History, Education, and Culture to place techniques into the context of the period and culture in which they were developed. Our members train to approach our martial arts as integrated systems, focusing on principles first, and not simply collections of “tricks”.